Websites uses your CPU to mine Cryptocurrency’s

Recent boom in cryptocurrency market brings all kinds throwbacks to tech consumers. Because of this all graphics card prices are high now a days.But now new technique utilized to mine currency using web browser window.I heard it before that piratebay was doing it.Now there are over 2.5K sites are doing this.Its was done when you visit a infected site, it starts mining on the browser page.Previously this operation had a major disadvantage that if you  leave the page or closes the page window mining stopped. Continue reading

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Welcome to “Warframe”

Ninja plays free

I have been playing this for quite a while.Its a very interesting game indeed.So i thought i might write about it.Warframe started in 2013 as free to play MMORPG by Digital Extreme’s. Its a co-op online third person shooter where players  play as a ridiculously powerful cyberninja in technologically-advanced Exoskeletons that give superhuman powers (known as Tenno) and assassinate your way across the galaxy, harvesting loot, hoarding cash, run and bluet jump along walls,  perform acrobatics and growing ever more deadly with every kill.Also work together with friends to take on armies of space grunts, walking turrets, and hordes of mindless zombies in a stunning futuristic sci-fi worlds. Continue reading

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A Secure Operating System called “Qubes OS”

Security and privacy  is always has been important to everybody.We  do like to keep things in check all the time.In this day n age everything runs on software.Which always  inherently  vulnerable to attacks (aka they call it bugs :P). Most of device now connected to internet and runs on Operating systems that we have no idea of, what they are doing and to whom they sending our information’s.

Recently i’m using a new type of approach to Operation System called “Qubes OS“.Its a quite interesting little OS with Virtualization base on Linux. I like Unix-like OS’s because of there different variants,stability, customization and It’s free to use. I personally like Debian GNU-Linux because it stability and wide range of hardware support. Continue reading

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MacOS High Sierra 10.13.1 final

Apple released MacOS 10.13.1 final update.
  • Update has :
    • Adds support for 70 new emoji including food types, animals, mythical creatures, clothing options, more expressive smiley faces, gender-neutral characters and more
    • Fixes a bug where Bluetooth may be unavailable during Apple Pay transactions
    • Improves the reliability of Microsoft Exchange message sync in Mail
    • Fixes an issue where Spotlight may not accept keyboard input

    AppStore Download

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Nvidia Web Drivers for OSX v2

Original older post here

Nvidia web driver for Sierra and High Sierra

macOS Sierra (10.12.0):

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WiFi Supported & Unsupported List For Hackintosh

Here all the supported and unsupported WiFi card list for Hackintosh. This is not my work.All this list compiled by @Hervé  from OSXLatitude Forum. I just posted this cause more people will find them more people will get helped.If you guys find more cards let me know. 

Continue reading

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Work Around Windows 10 Home Remote Desktop Problemo

Recently Windows 10 Home edition updated itself  😉 and will not allow you to have inbound remote desktop connections any more. Regardless of any settings you change to the contrary, turning off firewall, tinker with 10k registry files. There will be just nothing you can do directly at the user level to enable it but all is not lost.There is a very simple fix that you can apply to enable this functionality.Its simple and easy thanks to @StasCorp (programmer) for RDPWrap patch, its  possible to have RDP enabled in 2 minutes.

1st download from GitHub here or you can build yourself.If you know how 😉. Continue reading

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Dual Boot with clover bootloader

Dual booting is kinda easy.if you installing in different hard drive then dont have to do much.Clover/other boot loader can detect auto all the OS drives.But for same HDD and Laptop, its bit tricky.Here i posted some useful configs, use then at will.

Method 1:

This is much better option but its writes on you bios . Enter the BIOS, look for boot option and add  /EFI/Clover/Cloverx64.efi ,make it as top priority of the boot sequence.

Method 2:

Use an USB to boot into OS X, do the settings below,

  1. Use Clover Configurator to mount the EFI partition (Mount EFI> )
  2. Rename bootmgfw.efi in /EFI/Microsoft/Boot to bootmgfwA.efi
  3. Copy Cloverx64.efi in /EFI/Clover to /EFI/Microsoft/Boot and rename it bootmgfw.efi Continue reading
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Apple macOS High Sierra – Final Release is out!

After long time absent from hackintosh ‘ill be back soon”.Apple has relesed there latest os for beta tester.Im not going to bored you with update notes . Download and install in your hack for ftw!!(make sure its on separate HDD partition). Lets get started……

Download available on appstore or 3rd part site😉

macOS High Sierra

updates news

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Getting Tired Windows 10 Forced Updates

Windows 10 on going forced update making things worse.Its downloads updates and reboots itself when its wants.You are middle of something important and bam windows update rebooting your pc.MS added new setting called”Active hours” but its only for 8 hours with no custom options.Hope this Guide helps.

Now there are few ways we “kinda” stop it from doing data mining and updating.

Method 1: Update Service

Windows Update is actually just another Windows process and  it can be stopped with steps below :

  1. Open Run command (Win + R) or (in Search), type: services.msc and press enter
  2. From the Services list which appears find the Windows Update service and open it
  3. In ‘Startup Type’ (under the ‘General’ tab) change it to ‘Disabled’
  4. Restart

To re-enable Windows Update simply revert back to above steps and change the Startup settings to  ‘Automatic’.

Continue reading

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