Nvidia Web Drivers for OSX

Nvidia Web Divers For Real Mac and Hackintosh

What is  Nvidia Web driver.Well web driver contains driver/kext for Nvidiacards. Its Retail driver/Kext made by Nvidia.Mostly bug fixes or patches that Nvidia cards have from Vanilla kext that comes with OSX
Installation: It is better to use Mac Pro 3,1-4,1 or 5,1  smbios(hackintosh) to install web driver.But others works to.

  • For real Mac just Download and install

1. For Hackintosh Just Download Web driver.pkg(below) and install.  Move to 3 and  Reboot.

2. If you are having issue with installing.Then do this.
Download Pacifist
Open Web driver.pkg in Pacifist.You can  manually extract and install kexts or install using Pacifist.Then move to 3. To enable Web driver use boot flag.( For newest web driver auto adds nvda_drv=1   flag  to ‘nvram)
3. To enable Web driver use boot flag.( For newest web driver auto adds flag to ‘nvram)


  • You also can  add this flag to  Clover  ‘config.plist’ and Chameleon ‘ org.chameleon.boot.plist ‘
  • if you want to use ‘nvram’ .Open up a  ‘Terminal’ window and run the following command.

sudo nvram boot-args=”nvda_drv=1″

4. To disable web driver :

nvda_drv=0 or nv_disable=1


Mountain lion:



El Capitan:

macOS Sierra: DP/PB

# New driver are here

New! Update: Fantomas and Micky  has released a really handy tool called the “NVIDIA Web Driver Updater” which can help you find the right drivers for your OS version.
Download : NVIDIA Web Driver Updater
Issues Fixed for Hackintosh
A.Those who have the last NVidia web driver (this also concerns the previous releases) and have the ‘CUDA Driverupdate required’message with the last CUDA driver version. Mean you still have CUDA error and you can’t update. Here is the fix: 
Go to /Library/Frameworks/CUDA.framework/Versions/A/Resources then open Info.plist.
Find <key>NVDAResmanVersions</key> and add this


Option-2: If you don’t want to edit plist. Then just delete below.


After edit reboot. 
B.For those have issue with update and lost support of Web driver and runs on native driver.
If helps most of those who have card that only supported by web driver.
Go to /System/Library/Extension/NVDAStartup.kext/Contents/Info.plist
Change this line to your OS X versions.


C. Remove the hardware check
Simply open up a Terminal window, and run the following commands, assuming the web driver package is in your ~/Downloads folder.Example uses the 343.01.01f03 driver, you should substitute the exact version you are using.

pkgutil –expand ~/Downloads/WebDriver-343.01.01f03.pkg ~/Downloads/WebDriver

This will unpack the installer contents. Now open the Distribution file inside the WebDriver folder with a text editor like TextEdit, and change this line:

var found_hardware = 0;

To this….

var found_hardware = 1;

Save the file and quit . Then run the following command in Terminal:

pkgutil –flatten ~/Downloads/WebDriver ~/Downloads/WebDriver-343.01.01f03.pkg

Run newly made installer.pkg

Fantomas Post here
Credits to netkas and others


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