AMD Guide For Hackintosh

You are using an AMD and you have windows installed on it. You want to install OSX on it. But you have no idea how to install OS X on your PC. This is a basic guide Where and How to start Installing OS X on a desktop computer (PC) has been exclusive to Intel-based systems for a long time.

Since Hackintosh community grow big and lots of developers join us to fix issues, like AMD kernel, Utility, Kext etc. Now because of pro-AMD developer released AMD-kernels. It is possible to run OSX with AMD cpus.
This whole guide is made for AMD users.Thanks to all the developers who gave us these kernel for AMD to run MacOSX.So lets start making an AMD hackintosh.
Making a AMD hack is not easy so read carefully.

Checking your hardware before installing:….

Before you start, you need to know your hardware properly. It is important to know about hardware in detail. Make sure you have collected? your system hardware information. To do it you need software like CPU-z, AIDA64, Systeminfo,speccy or other similar software.
Hardware information you need to know….
What CPU you have,CPU model,How many core are there, Mother board model & chip set,BIOS version, sound card, Graphics card, LAN and WiFi card names.
After you got your hardware information use Google search to find out, if someone else already run Hackintosh on the same System as your PC configuration.
Custom search by IFire here

Software links:
System info




System Spec

Hardware Support:…

Most of the Desktop AMD CPU will work in osx and you have to have PCI-E GPU to Run graphics properly.
Discrete GPUs
Please note that laptops with AMD Switchable Graphics not Supported.So AMD laptops not going to work.
These GPUs are supported.Please let me know if any more GPUs got supported.

  • Nvidia user advised to use nv_disable=1 to avoid Graphics issues for installation.
  • Nvidia web driver installation guide here.
  • AMD GPU kext can found here.
  • nVidia 8000 Series
  • nVidia 9000 Series
  • nVidia GT 200 Series
  • nVidia GT 400 Series
  • nVidia GT 500 Series
  • nVidia GT 600 Series
  • nVidia GT 700 Series ( GTX 750 and GTX 750Ti works with Web divers )
  • nvidia GT 900 series (Only works with web driver .before installing driver have to use nv_disable=1 flag )
  • nVidia Quadro 4000
  • AMD 4000 Series
  • AMD 5000 Series
  • AMD 6600, 6700, 6800 Series
  • AMD 7750, 7770, 7870, 7950, 7970
  • AMD R7-200 R9-200 Series ( supported on OS X 10.10)
  • AMD R5-230

Most audio codecs as of now is supported through VoodooHDA, but the sound might not be nice,comparing to Windows.
Most of the LAN kext you can find in here.

AMD Kernel:…

You need to find a kernel for your AMD CPU. There are many kernels for AMD’s. You may ask “What is a kernel”
Kernel: A kernel is the central part of an OS. It manages the tasks of the computer and the hardware most notably memory and CPU time.

The name of Mac osx kernel is mach_kernel or just kernel (only in 10.10). Below 10.10 the place is in “root” of the Installer or HDD. In 10.10 (Yosemite) the kernel is in /System/Library/kernels/Kernel. But now all the Mac`s has Intel CPUs on it. So most of the Intel CPUs doesn’t need a patched kernel to run. In case of AMD we have to use specific patched/ Modded kernel for every version of OSX called legacy kernel . To find a proper Kernel, take a look in our Download section”.

  • Note: Some AMD kernel contains pre-patched FakeSMC.kext and Nullcpupowermanagement.kext.
  • So if the Kernel already has this, then you don’t need these two kext.

     Best kernels:

All Snow Leopard (10.6-10.6.8)


Yosemite (10.10)

  Kernel osx86Wiki:

 Kernel Download:

Kernel Dev/Testing Topic:

The next step is to make a bootable installer. There are many guides you can find to make one if you Google it. But we like to use a Vanilla installer. Meaning a clean OSX with the kexts and patches you need to run your system. No more extra stuff like distro’s you can find on the web.
On Windows:

VBOX Guide:

On Linux :

Using OSX:

It is easy to make installer.If you have OSX running in VM, another hack or real mac.You can make an usb in many ways. Some of the methods are below.

 Bootloader-Chameleon (Recommended):…

For manually made installer only. Myhack, Pandora box, cVod tool installs bootloader as you chose.
Chameleon: Legacy/Bios boot only. Chameleon is a legacy bootloader. So installation settings is simple.
A. Install chameleon bootloader

  • Standard (This will install boot loader in ‘/’ HDD or USB) or
  • Install/Chameleon/in the ESP

B. Modules
C. Settings

  • General options
  • Kernel Flags

D. KeyLayout
F. Themes
Org.Chameleon.boot.plist :
You can have all the option under (settings) on chameleon at installation.So below option can be chosen at installation.

At Chameleon installer select Settings..Check box

  • Control Option/ Showinfo=Yes & Wait=Yes
  • General Option/ EHCIacquire=Yes
  • Kernel flags/ Verbose Mode, dart=0, ahcidisk=1 debug=8 and other if you need.
  • Video/ GraphicsEnabler=Yes (OOB cards works with “No”)

You can add this boot flags later using chameleon wizard.
Download: Org.chameleon.boot.plist
Kernel Replace:
Method 1: After installing bootloader. Then you need to replace the kernel. In 10.9 the kernel is “rootof your installer. So replace mach_kernel and put patched amd kernel as mach_kernel
In Yosemite 10.10 the kernel is in different place. It’s in /System/Library/kernels/Kernel. Here “Kernel is name for mach_kernel. So rename patched amd kernel to Kernel and put into /System/Library/kernels/.
Method 2: This is for chameleon only. Chameleon can boot kernel form other place than is use to be. Mean you can make a folder. Show chameleon to that folder by changing boot flags
/folder mane/mach_kernel or kernel
Boot-flags/Args: Boot flags/Args are important to run a Hackintosh. Most of them you can find on Clover or chameleon thread.

  • -v (always use this flags to text mode of booting Osx. It helps you check errors you might have)
  • kext-dev-mode=1 (have to use for 10.10)
  • arch=x86_64
  • cpus=1
  • -cpuEFI
  • busratio= (Depends on your cpu clock Multiplayer)
  • nv_disbale=1 (To disable Nvidia driver from loading)
  • -cpufamilly
  • -emulateintel ( to fix unknown cpu error in system profiler)
  • maxmem=4096 (amount of ram you want to use for osx. Mostly used in 10.6 and 10.7)
  • USBBusFix=Yes

More about Chameleon bootloader and boot flags :
Chameleon topic
Chameleon 101

Bootloader-Clover (Advance user):…

For manually made installer only.Pandora box ,cVod tool? installs bootloader as you chose But you can use this settings for them.
Clover bootloader: Clover can boot both. That mean you can use clover on newer and older motherboards.
Download clover
Start installer (.pkg)

  • Continue Twice
  • Change install location (To install clover in your chosen disk or partition)
  • Customize (left side on window. It’s a important part)

UEFI settings:

  • Install for UEFI motherboard only
  • Install Clover in the ESP (This will clover into EFI partition)
  • Themes
  • Drivers64UEFI

Legacy settings:

  • Install boot0af in MBR Or
  • Install boot0ss in MBR.

Clover EFI (To choose 32bit or 64bit booting)

  • CloverEFI 32-bits
  • CloverEFI 64-bits SATA
  • Clover EFI 64-bits BiosBlockIO

Driver 32-bits or 64-bits
N.B: Clover install comes with Vbox default and it better to use in AMD systems.
After installing Clover bootloader. Then you need to replace the kernel. In 10.9 the kernel is “root” of your installer. So replace mach_kernel and put patched amd kernel as mach_kernel
In Yosemite 10.10 the kernel is in different place. It’s in /System/Library/kernels/Kernel. Here “Kernel” is name for mach_kernel. So rename patched amd kernel to Kernel and put into/System/Library/kernels/
Clover Config.plist Settings: Clover bootloader take information from Config.plist. Like boot flags, DSDT patches, GPU injection, SmBios and more settings Clover needs to boot.
Look for EFI>Clover>config.plist
For Pre-installation your need to change only few setting.
Under boot

             Arguments to use boot flags

and Under Graphics to use Graphics injector.




    <string>-v slide=0 dart=0 kext-dev-mode=1 npci=0x3000</string>


Under Graphics to inject your GFX cards.OOB cards should be ‘False’ and injected cards ‘True’.












Pre-made Config.plist
HFSPlus Driver
Info :
clover topic

AMDs useful Kexts:……

Kext: Kext is Kernel Extensions. The driver for osx is called “Kext“. The place for kext is in /System/library/Extensions/. It’s also possible to load kext from bootloader Extra/Extensions for chameleon and EFI/Clover/Kexts/Osx versions or “others”folder.
Kexts you need for AMD system:

  • FakeSMC.kext
  • NullCpuPowerManagement.kext
  • System.Kext ( mavericks rollback 10.9 and Yosemite 10.9.5)
  • Corecrypteo.kext

You also can use RampageDEV DMG for installation.
Download here
Other kext you might need is for WiFi, LAN, Audio (VoodooHDA), Bluetooth, Chipset kexts etc.
A.10.9 Needed kext

  • FakeSMC.kext
  • NullCPU
  • System.kext

B.10.10 needed kext

  • FakeSMC.kext
  • NullCPU ( some kernel already has built-in)
  • IOPCIFamily.kext (for some system and for newest GPUs)

Here some useful kext and files for downloads:
AMD Files


BIOS Settings/Configuration
Legacy/Uefi BIOS -Desktops
Essential Settings:

  • Config > Serial ATA (SATA) > SATA Controller Mode Option [AHCI]
  • Security > Memory Protection > Execution Prevention [Enabled, if have]

Other Settings:

  • CSM>Enable
  • C&Q and C1E>Disable
  • Os type> other os
  • Startup > UEFI/Legacy Boot [both]
  • CPU VT-d>Disable.
  • Secure Boot Mode>Disable.
  • Startup > UEFI/Legacy Boot Priority [Legacy First] or [UEFI First for clover UEFI]

Every bios is different from one an other.So i posted most common settings.If u find more then keep me posted.
If all is okay you should get to the installer.
Launch disk utility by clicking on “Utilities” in the menu bar. Format the hard drive you want Mac installed to with a “ONE WORD” name (it’s much easier for further steps). Make sure it formats as MAC OS Journaled (extended), and GUID partition table. You can close disk utility and start the install. Be careful not to select the wrong hard drive to install to.
After installation complete do not reboot.Open “Terminal” type com below to copy kernel to HDD. If you already rename the ‘mach_kernel’ or ‘kernel’.Then you have to use same name below.

In 10.10 or 10.11

cp /System/Library/Kernels/kernel /Volumes/“Your OSX HDD filesystem(diskXsY )”/System/Library/Kernels/

In 10.9

cp f /mach_kernel /Volumes/HDD Name(diskXsY)  or

cp mach_kernel /Volumes/HDD Name(diskXsY) orcp f /Volumes/‘Installer (diskXsY)’/‘kernel’ /Volumes/‘HDD Name(diskXsY)’/‘kernel’

On going …..


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14 Responses to AMD Guide For Hackintosh

  1. Shaun Woolf says:

    Getting the error “Missing operating system”. Steps I’ve taken:
    Loaded the High Sierra installer onto a bootable usb (also copied a high sierra kernel for AMD and a kext) copied the clover bootloader to same stick, all to be used once os is installed. I changed all settings in bios as indicated above. Windows was previously installed in legacy mode, despite the motherboard being UEFI capable. C&Q/C1E disabled, boot from storage device set to Both, Legacy First, OS Type set to Other OS, CSM enabled. I could see no way to disable secure boot mode and no setting for VT-d could be found. I’ve also tried enabling AHCI.
    Mother board: ASUS Pro 970 Aura
    CPU: AMD FX-8350

    I’m sure I’m doing something wrong. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!


    • dmos says:

      CSM is secure boot.Look like u meshed up HDD a bit .Is it on legacy or in UEFI ?Only time this happens when bios cant find boot files.So recheck your installation HDD.If your installation on same HDD then change boot setup on clover config plist.Also you cant just switch legacy and UEFI in clover,so use one system.UEFI better option.Please mention its a per-installation or post-installation issue.


  2. Deepanshu says:

    i am using AMD A8-7410 in hp laptop i am trying to boot mac but its not working i am getting
    i did so many things but nothing work can you please help me in that if there is any video to install in AMD properly please help me

    my email is


  3. Nikhil Raj says:

    Will this work on AMD A10-7870K Processor, ASUS A88X PLUS MOTHERBOARD, MSI GeForce GTX 1050 Ti 4GB Video Card and 16 Gb of RAM….. Please help me


  4. mrcjr says:

    hai, i’m from cilodong, may i ask about this, how about sierra for amd with legacy bios ?
    sorry for my english


    • dmos says:

      sry for late reply ..for amd legacy bios is much better than UEFI.Anyway if u have a to have proper kernel for new os’s.There are some kernel out there but for amd its always depends on your system configuraton.


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