macOS Sierra available to download and thoughts

I know, i am  have been late in this show about new macOS sierra and haven’t updated my computers yet, but will be be updated it soon.although i have installed public beta and dev versions of mac OS. This is just a shot out what i have look on internet about new mac OS.

It’s free to download ,if you have previous osx on computers.
Some of the features are as you guys already know.
1.Siri on Mac
It’s still the same familiar Siri voice (depending on your region), and Most of the same things as the iOS version Siri activates through a keyboard command, Cmd+Space, or by clicking the Siri icon in the dock.

2.New iCloud settings.
New settings on iCloud.Looks good to me and handy if u are using 5 gb++ space.More customization are always better.

3.Bigger, better, cooler i/messages.
Good to have ,but on hackintosh its already kinda 50/50.

4.Watch more video with picture-in-picture.
kinda meh meh for me but some of you might like it.

5.Unlock your Mac with Apple Watch.
meh i’m hack user and don’t have that cheap (aka overpriced watch ),But it would be interesting if its works on hackintosh.its not relevant  to me anyway.

6.Universal clipboard.
This is a good thing imo cause at least icloud works on hacks.This feature lets a Mac and iPhone share a clipboard.If you copy a URL from Safari on the iPhone, and paste it right into the address bar on the web browser on your Mac.Looks simple, but both devices need to be signed into the same iCloud account, have Bluetooth on, and be near each other.however your copy of your shared clipboard expires after about two minutes (but it stays on the clipboard on the original device.

That’s all.I will be installing new os to both  of my  hacks.So guide will be here soon. although you guys can install it on VMware for test before doing it on you hacks.

Vmware guide..


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