:O :O New MacBook Pro’s are out :O:O

Take a look at new mac book “pro’s”. Apple finally has lunched there pro lineups .The only thing is pro about them is the name it self haha jk.Take a look the most wonderful piece of hardware you can have from apple and make a rant about it or line up to buy it.I’m a hack and old macbook user (c2d). So this new ‘pro’s’ is kind overpriced and no use for me personally.But who cares about macbook pro when all we doing is hackintosh.Although it nice to look at anyway.I am finding most people are upset about what apple done.There are some funny video take a look if you have time  or go check new apple hardware at there site

If some of you guys have or will brought it .I like to have look Ioreg and darwin dumper reports.Shot me up if u have them…

DarwinDumper  by balckbox

Here are some rant(funny & serious) videos hahahah….. you guys might find some more i’m sure.


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2 Responses to :O :O New MacBook Pro’s are out :O:O

  1. mcs says:

    Hi Sir
    Many thanks for your vmware Mac os x10.11. by the way what the login password into mac os x 10.11.


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