Work Around Windows 10 Home Remote Desktop Problemo

Recently Windows 10 Home edition updated itself  😉 and will not allow you to have inbound remote desktop connections any more. Regardless of any settings you change to the contrary, turning off firewall, tinker with 10k registry files. There will be just nothing you can do directly at the user level to enable it but all is not lost.There is a very simple fix that you can apply to enable this functionality.Its simple and easy thanks to @StasCorp (programmer) for RDPWrap patch, its  possible to have RDP enabled in 2 minutes.

1st download from GitHub here or you can build yourself.If you know how 😉.

  1. Now unpack the zip file and first run update so you are not missing any new patches.
  2. then the run “install.bat”, right click and choose “Run as Administrator” and let the batch file run its course.
  3. After the installation completes, execute the file “RDPCheck” and ensure that you can see login screen.rdp1.PNG
  4.  Now Run “RDP Wraper” .Check “Wrapper state”, “Service state” and “Listener state” status are all green.
  5. If all ok, then you’re good to go, change whatever configuration settings you would like and remote in.                          Capture.PNG
  6. Enjoy RDP.


If you find that any of the status states are red such as the “Listener state”, “Server state” make sure  that your firewall is not blocking by turning your firewall off or allow access and test again.




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