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Websites uses your CPU to mine Cryptocurrency’s

Recent boom in cryptocurrency market brings all kinds throwbacks to tech consumers. Because of this all graphics card prices are high now a days.But now new technique utilized to mine currency using web browser window.I heard it before that piratebay … Continue reading

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Welcome to “Warframe” “Ninja plays free“ I have been playing this for quite a while.Its a very interesting game indeed.So i thought i might write about it.Warframe started in 2013 as free to play MMORPG by Digital Extreme’s. Its a … Continue reading

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A Secure Operating System called “Qubes OS”

Security and privacy  is always has been important to everybody.We  do like to keep things in check all the time.In this day n age everything runs on software.Which always  inherently  vulnerable to attacks (aka they call it bugs :P). Most … Continue reading

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