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I have been playing this for quite a while.Its a very interesting game indeed.So i thought i might write about it.Warframe started in 2013 as free to play MMORPG by Digital Extreme’s. Its a co-op online third person shooter where players  play as a ridiculously powerful cyberninja in technologically-advanced Exoskeletons that give superhuman powers (known as Tenno) and assassinate your way across the galaxy, harvesting loot, hoarding cash, run and bluet jump along walls,  perform acrobatics and growing ever more deadly with every kill.Also work together with friends to take on armies of space grunts, walking turrets, and hordes of mindless zombies in a stunning futuristic sci-fi worlds.

In this game your goal is “how fast you can kill enemy’s” and how cool your Warframe looks( aka fashion frame) .Game has you as Tenno(Operator) and Warframe (your Exoskeletons). Tenno is who runs the different warframes that wills different kinds of Godly powers.For different mission you can or have to use different warframe to finish them as fast as possible.The thing i like most about this game is its game machines, graphics and frequent updates .It can run very smooth in low-end hardware.

Warframe Key Features:

  • Good Variety of Warframes: choose from a large number of warframes and customize them with mods to match your needs.
  • Smooth Moves: Play with familiar FPS controls and use ninja/parkour moves to position yourself.
  • Constant Updates: The dev team is always tweaking and updating the game based on players’ comments.
  • Awesome Graphics and SFX : the graphics are amazingly fluid and the music heightens the action-packed atmosphere of the game.
  • Clan system: You can join in clans and play together as team mates.In clan you have research stuff like weapons and things.

Warframe Enemy’s Factions :

  • Grineer: They are the first enemies encountered by newly reawakened Tenno. They utilize technologically crude but undeniably effective weapons. The Grineer are clones to a man.Products of ancient, half-remembered technology. Grineer soldiers are produced in industrial quantities as they are expendable.
  • Corpus: They are the plutocratic commercial and industrial faction .Their interests are acquisition and trading of ancient Orokin technologies and Warframes.They also consists of robotic troops and uses  potent mix of energy based weapons.They are the second enemy faction encountered by reawakened Tenno.
  • Infested: They are the a plague created by the Orokin.Mostly consisted of Corpus and Grineer units.The majority of Infested are the former Corpus Crewmen or Grineer Lancers, or Mutalist versions of Corpus robotics.

There are many features i left out here.If you are playing this game then you already know them.If you are thinking about playing it then come and  join “Warframe”.Its free to play after all 🙂

Feel free to join my Warframe clan discord, if you want to join my team 🙂

“D.Wanted”Warframe clan for PC only.

Game Story:-

The game started aftermath of an war where everything  is destroyed.The Empire broke into different factions, which once was controlled by a powerful and almighty Master Race called  “Orokin’s”.The Empire of White n Gold .Its mentioned  that the Orokin were the dominant humanoid faction at the time. For a time, the Orokin ruled the Origin System and spent a great deal of time building large outposts. They  built technological masterpieces that surpassed even present day technology’s.The Orokin created a race of synthetic beings, which are known as the Sentient, to expand there Empire  and influence beyond the Origin System into the Tau System.

Sentients were originally created to transformer the Tau system .For survival, they were given the ability to adapt to any sort of damage that they would encounter as well as the ability to replicate from damaged components.For some unknown reason Sentients came back and waged war on their former masters.Because of  their ability to adapt, the Sentients became resilient to the most advanced weaponry the Orokin threw at them. In desperation of  losing the war, the Orokin created virus (Infestation)that could replicate and fight in an autonomous war , like the original sentients did.This virus could be unleashed on a part of the general population to create an army . However, the Infestation soon spread out of control and assumed a mind of its own and could not help to slow down the war.

The Orokin, now more desperate, sought to exploit Void energy after an accident aboard a spacecraft called the Zariman Ten-Zero led to a number of children developed uncontrollable mysterious powers and abilities. Orokins took full control of the Transference program that was meant for  helping  the children, and instead they   weaponize them.There they introduced the warframe technology in parallel with  Tenno  which synergies together.  This synergy could be use with Warframes as conduits for void energies and utilize their newly developed abilities as a  lethal asset. There the first Warframe created called Excalibur(Poster boy).With the help of tenno and warframe power orokin were able push back the Sentient to the brink of defeat. Finally orokin slowly  regain control Origin systems.

In brink of defeat Sentient lunched their last hope and their best agent Natah. The daughter for sentient master “Hunhow”. She was created with the sole purpose to take control over the Tenno themselves. She successfully infiltrated the Origin System, but was not able to prevent the Orokin forces from recapturing the Outer Terminus. The Orokin were gained victory. At their victory ceremony Tenno’s went roge in rage because they were often forced to link with these frames, which often resulted in Warframes going berserk and temporarily go insane with pain and confusion.This event ultimately triggering a history point known as “The Collapse”.The war was over, the Sentient were  gone and the Orokin destroyed. All Natah had to do is exterminate  the Tenno. However, due to corruption when crossing over to the Origin System, she was unable to execute this mission and instead grew a humane affection towards Tenno. She ended up leaving her mission and took the Tenno as her own children and hide them the transference base LUA  in the “Void”.Afterwords she became known as the “Lotus” (Space Mom).

After some indeterminate number of centuries later, on of the Grineer leader “Captain Vor” finds the Tenno and tries to awaken them.Before he try to capture with the help of Lotus Tenno escapes. Here where the game starts …

(Source: wikia)

Now  lets  talk some of the Warframes (Exoskeletons). New players can choose

Starting Warframes:

  • Excalibur ( The 1st and Poster boy) – the very first Warframe ever created. The Excalibur possesses a balanced set of capabilities perfect for new players.
  • Volt – has the ability to control electricity. A Warframe with high damage output that can easily take out enemies even without the use of guns.
  • Mag – a support Warframe with the ability to manipulate magnetic energy. A Mag can deplete or replenish shields as well as crush enemies using a magnetic field.

After you choose a warframe and weapons the game start in Earth and progress through different planet. By completing different mission or task  you can update your warframe rank ,level weapons,get new mods etc .The solar system map in game for missions called “star chart” where you can find different mission in different planet.Game progression  has a  “Mastery level” system where you have a specific test to pass it and get different rewards.If you are already here then you already start playing this game.

Some of warframes profile video below I’ll post different Warframe builds in the future.




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