About Me

Hello Guys,
Welcome to My blog.I am dmos aka Don’t steal Mac OS .Originally it “DSMOS” but cant use it in may places (already taken/used).The soul purpose of this blog is “Write  or discuss about  hackintosh Methods, Guides, Tips & Trick about Mac OSX in noobs way in Bengali and  English.I think learning about hackintosh in  native language will be more interesting and fun.Overtime i have done lot of hacks  but still my level is  0.

My Motto
“No reading….No learning…..No questions…..No Answer……..∞”

What is Hackintosh?

Macintosh is what apple makes.Hackintosh referring to OSx86 that is a “Hacking” project intended to run Apple’s Mac OS X system on a non-Apple x86/x86_64 processor aka “Run Mac osx on non-apple hardware ( AMD and Intel Systems)

Lets help each other ftw!!

2 Responses to About Me

  1. Jhomz says:

    bro really need your help on installing os x on intel or AMD processor… I read all instructions, guides and try them all but I have problems with the kernel about the “panic” and boot0 and boot1 error… I search for 2 months about this problem but still no solutions. but most of my problem on booting after installing the os x.. if i read the backtrace, its something like com.apple.driver ACPIdriver badparameter, failed… i want to send my specs via cpu-z but its in jpg format.. hope u can help me bro.. i really really want to install mac os. thank you for reading this.


    • dmos says:

      boot0 error is HDD related.Its a long chameleon bootloader issue,you can install boot0 or boot1 files manually to fix them.As for ACPI backtrace goes its mostly related to your settings config,bios or dsdt.check your config on boot loader and remove all dsdt fixes.Post your info on pastebin so i can take a look.
      as for my recom go for clover bootloader.


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