About Me

Hello Guys,
Welcome to My blog.I am dmos aka Don’t steal Mac OS .Originally it “DSMOS” but cant use it in may places (already taken/used).The soul purpose of this blog is “Write  or discuss about  hackintosh Methods, Guides, Tips & Trick about Mac OSX in noobs way in Bengali and  English.I think learning about hackintosh in  native language will be more interesting and fun.Overtime i have done lot of hacks  but still my level is  0.

My Motto
“No reading….No learning…..No questions…..No Answer……..∞”

What is Hackintosh?

Macintosh is what apple makes.Hackintosh referring to OSx86 that is a “Hacking” project intended to run Apple’s Mac OS X system on a non-Apple x86/x86_64 processor aka “Run Mac osx on non-apple hardware ( AMD and Intel Systems)

Lets help each other ftw!!

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