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Dual Boot with clover bootloader

Dual booting is kinda easy.if you installing in different hard drive then dont have to do much.Clover/other boot loader can detect auto all the OS drives.But for same HDD and Laptop, its bit tricky.Here i posted some useful configs, use … Continue reading

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Apple macOS High Sierra – Final Release is out!

After long time absent from hackintosh ‘ill be back soon”.Apple has relesed there latest os for beta tester.Im not going to bored you with update notes . Download and install in your hack for ftw!!(make sure its on separate HDD … Continue reading

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Getting Tired Windows 10 Forced Updates

Windows 10 on going forced update making things worse.Its downloads updates and reboots itself when its wants.You are middle of something important and bam windows update rebooting your pc.MS added new setting called”Active hours” but its only for 8 hours … Continue reading

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:O :O New MacBook Pro’s are out :O:O

Take a look at new mac book “pro’s”. Apple finally has lunched there pro lineups .The only thing is pro about them is the name it self haha jk.Take a look the most wonderful piece of hardware you can have … Continue reading

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macOS Sierra available to download and thoughts

I know, i am  have been late in this show about new macOS sierra and haven’t updated my computers yet, but will be be updated it soon.although i have installed public beta and dev versions of mac OS. This is … Continue reading

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Second Public Beta of macOS Sierra Now Available for Download

Apple’s public beta program for macOS Sierra is now live following this months announcement that both iOS  and macOS Sierra  made available. macOS Sierra will include various  of changes and new added features such as Siri integration, Apple Pay for … Continue reading

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Lets Vmware new macOS Sierra(DP)

At WWDC macOS Sierra, the next-generation Mac operating system was unveiled. Apple removed  X name in favor of the new “macOS” name to bring the Mac operating system in line with iOS, watchOS, and tvOS. The main new feature in … Continue reading

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AMD Guide For Hackintosh

You are using an AMD and you have windows installed on it. You want to install OSX on it. But you have no idea how to install OS X on your PC. This is a basic guide Where and How … Continue reading

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Chameleon 101

Chameleon is an open-source EFI bootloader project for BIOS-based x86 systems. It is designed to replace Darwin and PC_EFI bootloaders with new features. Chameleon bootloader

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কীভাবে Mac osx ইন্সটল করবেন উইন্ডোজ ও VMware ব্যাবহার করে

উইন্ডোজ Host চালিত VMWare Workstation কিভাবে Vanilla Osx ইন্সটল করা যায়। VMWare দিয়ে কার্যকারী ভাবে osx কে পরীক্ষা করতে পারবেন এবং Mac/Hackintosh এ ব্যাবহারের জন্য ইন্সটলার তৈরি করতে পারবেন। ইন্টারনেটে অনেকগুলো গাইড ও ভিডিও আছে কিভাবে উইন্ডোজ মেশিন এ OS … Continue reading

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