Hardware Support list for Hackintosh

A Details Information about buying a Desktop Component or Laptop for Hackintosh.Making Hackintosh is not easy but you can get nearly supported hardware to run as fine as possible.Compatible Hardware will make your Hackintosh 90 % close to a real Mac.

Intel: All CPUs starting from Intel Core 2 Duo upto newer CPUs are supported.
AMD: Most AMD CPU are supported but its required modified kernel(legacy kernel)

Most important part of the Hackintosh IS GPU aka Graphics.But with Dedicated or Intel iGPU you can have what you want.For laptop has dual GPU you have to use either one.
Integrated GPU (iGPU):
With Mavericks, these iGPUs are native support:
Intel HD Graphics on 1st Generation Intel Core i Processor (Arrandale, need some kexts editing )
Intel HD 2500 (Rarely works,use pjalm dsdt patch )
Intel HD 3000 on 2nd Generation Intel Core i Processor ( Sandy Bridge )
Intel HD 4000 on 3rd Generation Intel Core i Processor ( Ivy Bridge )
Intel HD 4400 (laptop only) /4600/5000/Iris on 4th Generation Intel Core i Processor ( Haswell )

Please note that desktop HD4000 and above only works with QE/CI if you connect by DVI/HDMI/DP ports, no QE/CI on VGA port.

These iGPUs are not supported by OS X.
Intel 4500/X3100 and earlier
Intel HD Graphics on 2ndGeneration Intel Pentium/Celeron and later
Intel HD 2000
Intel HD 4400 Desktop (Rarely works)

Discrete GPU:
Laptops with AMD Switchable Graphics or nVidia Optimus with both Intel HD + AMD/nVidia card will only be able to use Intel HD, unless you have the option to turn off Intel HD in BIOS.

nVidia 7000 Series
nVidia 8000 Series
nVidia 9000 Series
nVidia GT 200 Series
nVidia GT 400 Series
nVidia GT 500 Series
nVidia GT 600 Series
nVidia GT 700 Series (GTX 750 and GTX 750Ti use nvidia web driver )
nVidia GT 900 Series (web driver)

nVidia GTX 1000 Serise (web driver)
nVidia GTX Titan
nVidia Quadro’s
nVidia GT 520M, 540M and 630M ( laptop with discrete GPUs )
nVidia GTX 675M, 760M, 765M, 770M
nVidia NVS 5200M
nVidia Quadro 1000M, 2000M
AMD 4000 Series
AMD 5000 Series
AMD 6600, 6700, 6800 Series
AMD 7750, 7770, 7870, 7950, 7970
AMD R7-200 R9-200 Series R9-300 ( supported on OS X 10.10)
AMD 4650M, 5470M, 7650M

Most audio codecs now is supported with VoodooHDA, but the sound can be not nice comparing to Windows. We can patch AppleHDA to overcome VoodooHDA’s weakness. Most of codecs that can be patched.For best quality audio, it’s best to buy a Mac-compatible DAC or sound card.
Also if you don’t want to bother with patched kext, just buy cheap USB sound card.


Intel Gigabit
Intel supported series are 5,6,7,8,9
82578LM, 82578LC, 82578DM, 82578DC,82579LM, 82579V
I217LM, I217V, I218LM, I218V, I218LM2, I218V2,I218LM3


RTL8111, 8168, 8101E, 8102E, 8131E, 8169, 8110SC, 8169SC
RTL8111,8168 B/C/D/E/F/G ,RTL8101E, 8102E, 8102E, 8103E, 8103E, 8103E, 8401E, 8105E, 8402, 8106E, 8106EUS

AR8121, 8113, 8114, 8131, 8151, 8161, 8171, 8132,8151, 8152, 8162, 8172
AR816x, AR817x

BCM5722, 5752, 5754, 5754M, 5755, 5755M, 5761, 5761e, 57780, 57781, 57785,5784M, 5787, 5787M, 5906, 5906M, 57788, 5784M

88E8035, 88E8036, 88E8038, 88E8039, 88E8056, 88E8001

The Atheros Killer E2200 now supported

Wireless card:
coming soon…..